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1. Counseling Centre:

Addict of drugs , alcohol or of any substance and contact our center . The addicit can also be referred to us by friends , relatives and family members . This center Best Rehabilitation Centre In Delhi NCR is for addicts of any gender,and for person with any economic and social background .

Our next steps consists of Identifying the specific addiction of the addict .

Then extensive counseling and began and we prepare the addict for subsequent treatment . Here , we also assess the motivation level of the addict .

Counseling sessions for the family of the addict are also conducted simultaneously . Then the counseling and therapy sessions are planned for the extended treatment .

2. Day Care Centre:

In drug free environment of our day care center at Rehabilitation Centre In East Delhi , the addict are given treatment , while their family get counseling sessions.

3. Aftercare Centre:

Here , we care for chronic addicts and long sufferers , who suffer from

• Chronic addiction problems

• Behavioral problems

• Personality issues , and Who do not get necessary family support

4. 24 Hours helpline :

Our help from Rehabilitation Centre In Shahdara extends to on line counseling to addicts in time of despair and distress .

Outreach services of reborn foundation contain

• Awareness and educational programmes

• Prevention

• Family Therapy

• Follow Up