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The entire rehabilitation treatment of the addict at the reborn foundation is based on the two firm pillars . These are therapeutic community plan and 12 steps recovery plan .

The aim of the rehabilitation programm De-Addiction Centre In Delhi NCR is to instill lost self respect and self image into the addict . The therapeutic community plan creates an caring , nurturing and drug free environment , which promotes development of the addict on recovery path through positive peer pressure , encourages healthy relations , motivates the addicts to lead a productive life and inculcates sound values .

All these objectives are achieved through combination of various therapies such as group therapy , individual therapy and family therapy . In addition to these therapies , the center also conducts , alcohol / narcotics anonymous groups , educational programms , meditation , prayer and conducts various recreational activities .

The program is succesfully implemented Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centre In Delhi NCR through using services of psychotherapists , social workers , para professionals , who are former addicts .

The plans are executed through following aspects --

(1) Physical health, (2) Mental peace and (3) Spiritual Awakening are the vertices within which this program's results can be felt. Through daily activities, these 3 areas are developed as follows:


The basic aim is to teach self care and regain physical health through daily yoga , pranayams and indoor games


Patients learn to deal with feeling of anger , inferiority complex , fear , frustration and manage them properly .


Meditation calms the mind and helps a patient to connect to the higher power .


The social , monetary and family related problems are discussed and sharing of feeling helps patient to get hope and strength .


Every saturday , the recreational activities are organized to develop a sense of brotherhood and generate feelings of belongingness among the patients .



Daily reflections on the thoughts and feeling help patients to analyze their character defect and work on them


Sharing guilts removes the mental burden and liberates them


A vital part of the therapy means dealing with defects in characters and try not to repeat them


The patients are taught to take neglects responsibilities toward families , themselves and society .

Learning Experience:

Allows patients to realize their mistakes and rectify them


Prayers are said 16 time throughout the day with one hour daily reserved for the prayer . This is essential for the spiritual awakening of the patient .