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The Nasha Mukti kendra provides comprehensive rehabilitation therapy to the addicts of alcohol and drugs . The therapy is provided through services of formers addicts who now perform the role of teachers .

The entire rehabilitation program of Nasha Mukti Kendra In Delhi NCR depends on the various activities to help an addict to regain physical strength , mental strength and bring back addicts to society as respectable and productive citizen .

The rehabilitation program also encompasses counseling session with family members to make family understand the feeling and emotional needs of the patient . The use of yoga , meditation and recreational activities in the relaxed and drug free environment enable the addict to control thoughts , feelings and manage anger , frustration and guilt feelings .

The services of professional psychologists , Nasha Mukti Kendra In Shahdara therapists , and counselors inculcate sound values in the patient and helps them to identify the addiction situations and avoid such circumstances . The counseling from former addicts allows addicts to openly discuss inner most thoughts and handle them successfully .

The after center care ensure that a person can call the center during time of distress and despair . This services ensures that emotional support and follow up is always there for the persons.